Healthy Performance: CBD Fuels Athletic Acumen

Healthy Performance: CBD Fuels Athletic Acumen

As more and more research is done more and more professional and amateur athletes turn to CBD for a pre-workout boost and post-workout recovery. Recently BIG3 became the first U.S. professional sports league to allow CBD use for 'pain management and recovery.' If professional athletes are using this healthy and natural substance to aid and recover from the strain of their intensive workouts, then it can help you achieve your performance goals as well.

CBD promotes your physical wellbeing. Not long ago, research came out implied the "runner's high" from exercise is not just the result of endorphin release. Endorphins matter, yes, but what also contributes is the increased levels of anandamide, a naturally produced cannabinoid, (endocannabinoid). Research suggests that CBD usage can further aid your performance in the following ways.

 CBD Reduces Stress Hormones

Stress hormones are released when your body is stressed, and while they have a purpose, the best thing for performance is to minimize their release During physical activity, the adrenal glands increase the amounts of cortisol released into the bloodstream. These adrenal gland secretions are steroids, and they might immediately provide a temporary boost in performance but at the cost of long-term strain on your body.

Recently,  a study conducted by researchers in Brazil at the University of Sao Paulo found that CBD can help reduce cortisol release into the bloodstream, thereby preventing the adverse effects that cortisol has when at excessive levels in the blood.

CBD Anti-inflammatory Properties

Inflammation can severely impact a body's ability to engage in physical activity. Studies suggest that CBD possesses the ability to suppress inflammatory responses, whether it be applied via a topical cream or consumed in oil form. By using CBD products, anyone can recover faster as the properties of CBD allow for the body to heal more quickly.  CBD products have the potential to replace the many over-the-counter pain relieving products used by professional athletes

CBD and Pain Relief

Pain and post-workout recovery are inevitable. The lingering illness from the wear and tear of physical activity often can prevent you from working out for days or weeks at a time. Along with the anti-inflammatory properties of CBD, there is research suggesting it beneficially reduces pain. In the studies referenced earlier for inflammation, CBD also aided in pain relief for patients with chronic conditions. There is anecdotal evidence that CBD can assist in minimizing the pain from during the post-workout recovery period. Always consult the advice of a medical professional.

CBD Enhances Glycolysis

Another interesting study conducted by scientists in China revealed similar positive effects of CBD for increased rates of glycolysis. Protein synthesis is an integral part of athletic performance. Remembering back to high school biology, ATP is the fuel for cells and the more ATP available, the for energy that the cells can exert, especially with muscle cells. Glycolysis is the process of converting glycogen/glucose to ATP and is vital to the recovery and essential metabolic functions of all cells. Creatinine's popularity in the 21st century is equally attributed to this increase in glycolysis. With enhanced rates of glycolysis effectively equating to faster replenishment of ATP, your muscle cells improve oxygen efficiency, which leads to more strength and a quicker recovery period.

The research seems unambiguous, CBD is likely very beneficial to everyone for improving their workout regimens. Whether you focus on the pain-relieving properties, or the ability to reduce inflammation or stress hormones, the myriad of ways that CBD can aid your performance is very impressive.

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