Use CBD To Relieve Your Muscle Pain

Use CBD To Relieve Your Muscle Pain

We have all been there: that soreness after an intense workout. You feel those gains, yet you are incapacitated by soreness or even fatigue, assuming you did not actually hurt yourself. CBD is a natural and therapeutic solution to these problems. CBD is becoming more and more recognized for its applications in muscle pain relief, inflammation reduction, and muscle energy efficiency affording you a better, more productive workout, no matter if you are a professional athlete or a "weekend warrior" looking to finally meet your New Year's resolution goals. 

CBD and Pain Relief

You need to be suffering from a chronic disease to consider the pain-relieving properties of CBD The lingering illness from the wear and tear of physical activity often can prevent you from working out for days or weeks at a time. Along with the anti-inflammatory properties of CBD, there is research suggesting it beneficially reduces pain. In the studies referenced earlier for inflammation, CBD also aided in pain relief for patients with chronic conditions. Ther evidence that CBD can assist in minimizing the pain from during the post-workout recovery period is only growing as more research is done and the professional league, BIG3, now promotes CBD for injury treatment over standard NSAIDs.

CBD Improves Muscle Efficiency

So far you know that CBD can help you after a workout, but what about during? Yes, as you workout  CBD actually seems to improve your muscle efficiency. An interesting study conducted by scientists in China revealed similar positive effects of CBD for increased rates of glycolysis. Protein synthesis is an integral part of athletic performance. Remembering back to high school biology, ATP is the fuel for cells and the more ATP available, the for energy that the cells can exert, especially with muscle cells. Glycolysis is the process of converting glycogen/glucose to ATP and is vital to the recovery and essential metabolic functions of all cells. Creatinine's popularity in the 21st century is equally attributed to this increase in glycolysis. With enhanced rates of glycolysis effectively equating to faster replenishment of ATP, your muscle cells improve oxygen efficiency, which leads to more strength and a quicker recovery period.

CBD Decreases Inflammation

Research indicates that CBD is very effective in reducing inflammation after a workout.  Cannabinoids like CBD, in general. are potent anti-inflammatory agents and they exert their effects through the induction of apoptosis, inhibition of cell proliferation, and the suppression of cytokine production and induction of T-cells. The takeaway here is that CBD is well documented to decrease inflammation. Always consult the advice of a medical professional.

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